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Global Ready to Wear Flavorful Fashion Line, Tiskies, Re-launches in America


Atlanta, GA, December 19, 2018– Tiskies, a contemporary African fashion collection for women designed and made in Nigeria, today announced the re-launch of their Ready to Wear collection. Inspired by bright African patterns from the past, the new textile designs in Tiskies Wear are traditional African fabrics woven in contemporary designs. These delightful cotton fabrics boast prints done exclusively for this flirty line of women’s clothing available to purchase today.

“We are dedicated to sharing our true authentic naijacentric stories through fashion with the world,” comments Abiola Aluko CEO and Lead Designer of Tiskies. Abiola and her team first premiered the line a year ago to test the US market; which sparked great interest. After spending a year in Nigeria to refine the manufacturing process the line, Tiskies is now returning to the United States to launch their anticipated collection with their fulfillment house located in Alpharetta, GA.

Select styles available in sizes XS-XXL with a price point ranging from $75 to $300USD, Tiskies is bringing in a brand new authentic feel addressing the need of African garment fashion lovers across the globe. Designer Abiola Aluko conceives a pattern and a theme, but utilizes the talents of her two textile designers to finalize her designs. In the US, young Americans crave the new fashion-line from Tiskies, which blends traditional African motifs and styles with current trends from American fashion houses.

With a wide range of creative designs from skirts, dresses, and blazers to jumpsuits and jackets, the brands combination of innovation, personality, and affordability has made for a more sustainable line that most women can enjoy.

For more information about Tiskies or to shop their latest collection visit Follow the conversation on social media platforms using handle @TiskiesBrand and hashtag, #TiskiesBrand.


About Tiskies 
A contemporary African fashion collection for women designed and made in Nigeria by Abiola Aluko.

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