Atlanta, GA, April 25, 2018– Loft P (Life of the Party) today announced the launch of season two of its YouTube podcast featuring in-depth unfiltered conversations covering today’s most popular topics in entertainment, entrepreneurship, fashion, lifestyle and sports.

The Loft P Podcast goes behind the scenes with artist, entertainers, actors and entrepreneurs to explore what inspires them, new ventures, and how they turned their passions into thriving careers and businesses. “We are excited about the exclusive content and unique experiences that we’re bringing in season two,” says Steve Lu, Co-host of Loft P (Life of the Party) Podcast. “If you are looking for inspiring and insightful interviews from people from all walks of life, you’re in the right place.”

The first episode of season two is available for listeners today on youtube.com/c/LoftP with new episodes dropping every Wednesday at 7pm EST.

The Loft P Podcast debuted last spring. The first series of episodes, which are available now, include discussions with:


  • Scotty ATL, music artist
  • The Cool Club, music artist
  • Iesha Jeng, actress
  • Aisha Danzy, entrepreneur and owner of Fit for a Queen
  • Osose, entrepreneur and owner of Raunchy Clothing Line


To watch fully playable podcast episodes, visit http://loftp100.com/category/episodes. For more information, visit the official website: loftp100.com and follow Loft P (Life of the Party) on YouTube, TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.


About Loft P (Life of the Party)

Loft P (Life of the Party) is a groundbreaking YouTube podcast showcasing freewheeling conversations covering entertainment, entrepreneurship, fashion, lifestyle, sports, and out of the box thinkers based in Atlanta. All interviews are done with integrity and humor; featuring a wide range of topics. In each episode, Loft P provides informative discussions and exclusive content with featured guest. Loft P also hosts premier events, and plan one of a kind occasions and celebrations. WE ARE THE LIFE OF THE PARTY!!!


Loft P (Life of the Party)


Entertainment | Entrepreneurship | Fashion | Lifestyle | Sports

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